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NO CITATIONS NEEDED *********Write a letter using “full block style” to address



NO CITATIONS NEEDED*********Write a letter using “full block style” to address the scenerio below. Write letter on if you think this requires a direct or indirect pattern response*** Direct response inspires the customer to take action as soon as they’ve finished reading your writing. This action is inspired by a persuasive tone, customer-focused language, a sense of urgency, and a strong call to action.*** Indirect Response give compliments when appropriate; show appreciation for the person or group of people; make statements that you think both you and they will agree upon; provide facts (which will make your news seem more reasonable); show understanding and empathy.Bad News Scenario: You are the Administrative Assistant to Sandra Landa-Quinones, President of Landa–Stark Public Relations. Roughlya month ago, the firm announced an internship to be awarded to an advanced undergraduate student, one thatwould offer the successful applicant an opportunity to work side by side with the President in many facets of thecompany’s administration. Consequently, requirements are rigorous, and many otherwise exceptional applicantswill have to be turned down in selecting the most promising candidate.Aidan Macaulay is one of those otherwise exceptional applicants. Write a letter, on behalf of Sandra LandaQuinones (not as Sandra Landa-Quinones), telling him that he is not a finalist for the internship. The primary reasonfor Aidan’s rejection is that he is a first-semester junior, whereas the majority of applicants had significantly higherclass standing (and therefore more experience). This is the only essential information of the letter; use your bestjudgment to determine what else you might say in accomplishing the letter’s overall purpose. You are writing theletter as though it would be printed on company stationery, which includes the company’s letterhead, title, andaddress. (In other words, assume that these will be on the letter without you having to provide them.) Use yourown campus address as Aidan’s receiving address.

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