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Northern Virginia Community College Simulation Reflection Paper


For this assignment, you will write a simulation reflection paper that is approximately two-page long (in Times New Roman 12 font and single space) followed by ‘Country Analysis–Key Variables’ table in the Appendix.

Questions to be addressed in your Country Analysis & Simulation reflection paper:

  • Based on what you know about your country (Saudi Arabia) and your simulation outcome, would you change anything in your decisions?
  • Which country variables, if any, were the most constraining and which ones were the most advantageous for making decisions that were good for the country in the face of crisis?
  • What kind of biases likely influenced your decisions? Identify the bias based on the categories described in the assigned reading “Before you make that big decision.” Consider how that bias was influenced by your own experiences & “rebel” type (as identified in the “Rebel Assessment” that you took in session 1).

Attached is all the information needed.

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