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  • Not a certain length for this assignment as long as it answers the questions in full form. APA style

Not a certain length for this assignment as long as it answers the questions in full form. APA style


Identify a Division I, Division II or Division III NCAA institution and locate the positions associated within the organization and the responsibilities of each position.

1. Develop an organizational chart for the athletics department.

2. Assume the role of Director of Athletics for your chosen department identified in your organizational chart, and review the following case study. Respond to the questions below as the Director of Athletics.

Part II:

As Director of Athletics at Sport Management University, you recently received a phone call from the local police department regarding a judicial situation that occurred over the weekend involving a group of your student-athletes. Prior to the weekend, you had a meeting with your direct report (Provost, Vice President, President) who had stressed that the institution is experiencing financial struggles and currently operating with a large deficit, and you need to re-evaluate your department’s finances in light of recent state budget cuts and decreasing enrollment. Complete funding for your entire athletic year is not available, and if operational expenses were to continue with where they stand currently, you’d face a 10% expense overage at the end of the year, one that would be impossible to be absorbed by college funding. According to your direct report, you need to reduce your budget by 10-15% immediately. Your cost savings and budget reduction report needs to be submitted by the end of the week.

News of the weekend’s actions by student-athletes has hit the local news, and potential cuts to the department are rumored among the staff prior to you arriving at the office Monday morning. Coaches and staff members alike fear the future of their program may be in jeopardy.

As you get to your office Monday morning, your administrative assistant gives you the news that your direct report called and now needs the information no later than Wednesday.

a. What is the first thing you would do with the coaches and other athletic department administration?

b. What type of information do you need to collect to make the decision on how to reduce your budget by 10%?

c. Would you involve anyone else in the decision-making process or make the decision yourself? If involving others, who would they be, and why would they be important to the process?

d. If you were to eliminate sports programs, what criteria would you use to determine what teams are eliminated?

e. What are some potential solutions in terms of budget reduction? What are the possible consequences surrounding these solutions?

f. Would the judicial actions against your group of student-athletes play a role in your decision-making process? What if they are found to be true?

g. How would you communicate your decision to your staff and other campus constituents?

Each written submission must be double-spaced, font – Arial or Times New Roman – 12 point, 1 inch margins, in essay form. Responses to questions must be answered fully to receive full credit. If you use any outside sources within the context of your assignment, please cite according to APA style guidelines.

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