nur 426 community public health nursing

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The purpose of this written assignment is for students to demonstrate their Community/Public Health Nursing knowledge in a comprehensive manner while analyzing a current communicable disease outbreak of measles in the United States and around the world. Analyze, synthesize, and evaluate the current data as of November 2019 to answer the following questions using APA format with at least six official scholarly sources and scholarly articles in a 6 to 7 pages format.1) Describe measles using an epidemiological framework and give bio-statistical data of morbidity and mortality as of November 2019 in New York State, the United States, and one other country of your choice. 2) Analyze and discuss social, cultural, environmental, political, and behavioral factors about measles currently impacting U.S. health policies and health care infrastructures. 3) Discuss policy efforts made by counties in New York State and the United States to try and contain these outbreaks of measles as of November 2019. 4) Discuss two measures that Community/Public Health Nurses should incorporate in their contacts with patients and families in the community during this time.

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nur 426 community public health nursing

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