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NURS 1100 Nursing Leadership and Management Question


I need support with this Nursing question so I can learn better.

The purpose of this assignment is to apply nursing leadership and management concepts learned in the course to bring about change.  The change can be actual, potential, or hypothetical.  It must be addressed within the context of a health care setting and related management concepts as well as a change theory.  

The key elements of the project are listed in the rubric.  Please use the rubric as you organize your information.  The abstract and poster assignment is about the change process. The topic you choose will help you frame the change process, but it is not the primary focus of this assignment.  For example, if your proposed change is implementation of a bedside report, you should not include a great deal of information related to bedside report, but instead details on the process you would use to implement it in your setting.  (Focus on implementing the change.  Here are some suggestions for a topic.  You are not limited to these suggestions: implementing a best practice, creating new leadership structures, changing shift report, delivering staff training/education, improving recruitment or retention, implementing an EMR system, dealing with conflict, improving the workplace environment, etc.  The health care system may be fictitious, but you can determine the location, size, setting, leadership models, etc.  


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