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Nurse Manager Skills: Developing Leadership Skills


Nurse Manager Skills: Developing Leadership Skills

Nurse Manager Skills: Developing Leadership Skills

A successful nurse manager should have developed leadership skills to perform effectively in the modern working environment. “Nurse Manager Skills Inventory” can be discussed as an effective tool to conduct self-evaluation in relation to such areas of leadership as personal and professional accountability; career planning; personal journey disciplines; and dimensions of leadership (Nurse Manager Skills Inventory, 2006, p. 7-8). Thus, it is important to evaluate the personal leadership skills with the help of the inventory; to identify strengths and weaknesses in developing these management skills; to utilize the skills for implementing the change in the workplace; and to develop the plan for addressing the goal for the leadership growth. Nurse Manager Skills: Developing Leadership Skills


Strengths and Weaknesses in Developing Leadership Skills

Focusing on personal and professional accountability, it is possible to state that I am oriented to continuing education and to behaving ethically while working with patients and colleagues. The reason is that I understand the role of education and practice in performing as a nurse leader. I also focus on achieving the necessary certification because it is the key to successful nursing practice. Nevertheless, I cannot state that I am actively involved in the professional association because I lack the necessary experience in the field. I need to pay more attention to the activities connected with professional networking. The area of career planning is also extremely significant for me. My strengths in this field are associated with understanding my role and responsibilities as well as with positioning myself as a professional who should develop an effective career plan to address my goals (Nurse Manager Skills Inventory, 2006, p. 7). However, even though I can plan my career, I experience difficulties with knowing the global future of health care because of actively changing trends in this sphere. Nurse Manager Skills: Developing Leadership Skills

The area of personal journey disciplines is also important to be discussed. I demonstrate experience in reflective practice and I am competent in action learning. However, shared leadership is still a challenge for me. Focusing on the area of reflective practice reference behaviors, it is important to note that I am competent in accentuating the principle of integrity, in appreciating ambiguity and diversity, in discovering the potential, in constant learning, in using reflective learning, and in developing intellectually and emotionally (Nurse Manager Skills Inventory, 2006, p. 7-8). Still, I have difficulties with focusing on myself and creating the balance of life and work as well as with discussing the points from multiple perspectives.

The Change in the Workplace

The workplace can be improved if changes in the communication between nurse managers and other nurses are proposed. The problem is in the fact that nurse managers often demonstrate ignorance regarding the ideas developed and proposed by other nurses in the field of improving routine activities. It is important to propose changes in the sphere to guarantee effective vertical communication between nurses and managers that can lead to the exchange of ideas and opinions necessary to improve performance (Harris & Roussel, 2010, p. 54). To promote this change, it is relevant to refer to the developed skills in discovering the potential of nurses and in appreciating the diversity of opinions and visions as well as to abilities in decision-making. Much attention should be paid to reforming the negotiations and decision-making process in the workplace.

Implementation Plan to Promote Leadership Growth

Self-reflection has indicated two possible areas for growth that are the lack of focus on shared leadership and the lack of focusing on multiple perspectives. I should state that the lack of experience in holding multiple perspectives is more crucial for a nurse manager (Kelly, 2011, p. 124). I have the developed skill of respecting diversity, and I need to enhance my skills in discussing many perspectives before making a decision. Therefore, my personal goal for leadership growth is to develop my skills in focusing on multiple perspectives before making a decision in order to be able to address the interests of nurses and patients and provide the effective solution to the issue.

The proposed implementation plan should include three activities realized during three months in order to be able to demonstrate the results in achieving the goal after the three-month period.

To develop my skills in focusing on multiple perspectives before making a decision.1. Participate in meetings involving nurse practitioners and consider alternative opinions.
2. Conduct negotiations and decision-making sessions.
3. Write reflective journals on successes.
Data associated with meetings’ topics;
literature on sociology, management, psychology, nursing;
and results of meetings and sessions.
Changes in using other nurses’ opinions in the decision-making process.
Provision of objective and balanced decisions.
February 2015 – April 2015.


“Nurse Manager Skills Inventory” can be widely used by nurses in order to conduct self-evaluations and identify areas in which the nurse leadership skills are undeveloped. In order to address the weakness in the development of leadership skills directly, it is appropriate to identify the priority goal and propose the implementation plan to improve skills in the certain area.


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