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Nursing Issue Paper. demonstrate reflective paper on professional practice


Nursing Issue Paper

Purpose: The participant of this paper should be able to demonstrate reflective paper on professional practice. The paper must utilize the Los Angeles Valley College (LAVC) Student Handbook as a resource. The goal of the paper is to review and write about the LAVC Student Handbook as it relates to professional practice and leadership.

Direction: Share your ideas in a 1050 (minimum) -1750 (maximum) word paper not including cover and reference page. Please make sure to include your personal thoughts on the severity of the problems as your introduction and your personal recommendations on how to solve the issues as your conclusion.
Analyze and discuss the following critical elements:
1. Academic Dishonesty
2. Attendance, Tardiness and Absences
3. Clinical Competencies
4. Code of Conduct
5. Impaired Student
6. Hospital Drug & Hazard Awareness
7. Standard of professional Appearance and Behavior
8. Standard of Professional Nursing Practice
9. Unsafe Practice Acts
You want to discuss the issues and how this will affect your nursing practice. Please write in the third person. Must include:

1. Scholarly introduction and conclusion

2.Critical elements were thoroughly discussed

3.Style/Format: Professional and consistent, APA, grammar, spelling, etc.

The word count must be reflected on the cover page of your paper. Write and Cite your references using APA format. Include a reference page.

The LAVC Handbook is attached below.

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