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Format: APA format according to Publication Manual American Psychological Association (APA) (7th ed.) ISBN: 978-1-4338-3216-1

Format: APA style 7th Edition. Please make sure it is in 7th Edition and if the references have any doi or URL include it.

Minimum of two references, not older than 2015.

I am a nursing student in Florida and hispanic (cuban) in case you need to know for this discussion.

Thank you

Chapter 11: Informatics in Professional Nursing Practice. PowerPoint and book attached.

1. What is your role as a nurse in protecting patient healthcare information?

2. What needs of populations in your region or state could be addressed with the use of telehealth? What ideas can you envision to assist in the access to and delivery of healthcare services where you live or work?

3. How can you locate online sources for more information on a new treatment or medications for a health condition you discussed in a nursing class or clinical this week?

4. What is your role as a nurse in the evaluation of information on the Internet?

5. Discuss issues of the digital divide. Explore resources in your city and county for the general public to have free Internet access and assistance. What other technologic resources are available for underserved populations?

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