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NVCC Sources of Sodium in Diet Report


I’m working on a nutrition writing question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.

To identify the common sources of sodium in the diet and learn ways to make healthier food substitutions. As a nation we consume too much sodium in our foods. The DRI of 1500 mg for 19-50 year old adults is easily excessively in the typical American diet. Average sodium intakes range from 2500-6000mg per day. Where most of the sodium in your diet comes from is often surprising. You would be wrong if you guessed the salt shaker. Most of our excess sodium comes from processed foods and dining out. Sodium is a flavor enhancer and we use it quite liberally. This activity will shed some light on where sodium is hidden when we eat out at restaurants.

  1. Visit your favorite quick service restaurant or visit the restaurant’s website and select a typical lunch or dinner. This meal MUST include an entree, side dish, and beverage.
  2. Ask for the nutrition information or visit their website (your text book data base also has this information) and list the following information for your meal: total kcalories; fat kcalories; saturated fat kcalories; and sodium content.
  3. Post your meal items with sodium content of each food on the discussion board. List the total sodium content of the meal. Write a paragraph on the nutritional aspects, especially sodium, of your meal. Do you feel this is a good meal choice?
  4. Respond to two other student meals with your assessment of their meal selection. Identify what one food item you would suggest eliminating to help lower sodium.

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