Oj Simpson


The project for this course is a research study based on a real criminal
case, the double murder of Nicole Brown Simpsons and Ronald Goldman.
The accused of the double murder was ex-football star O.J. Simpson. This
murder case and the following trial is an excellent example of the
cooperation of different components within the criminal justice system.
The project requires the students to evaluate the forensic
investigations (crime scene investigation and evidence examinations),
the criminal investigations (detectives), the court presentation and the
trial including witness testimony.

The literature review is a collection of resources providing
information about the research topic. The literature review should
contain information about the pros and cons of the research topic.

Provide a minimum of five resources that you researched for this project. Include at least 5 Key Terms and. Cite the resource in APA and present a short summary of the information for each source cited.

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