One pager (or Flayer )


I need someone expert in making flyers or one pager to do one

you will identify a topic or pre-existing document, and re-frame the important information into a one-page document, as well as a recommendation report on how to use and distribute that one-pager.

Your one-pager should:

Contain all important information about the topic chosen with clear and accessible explanations; Provide clear takeaways for the audience, and communicates why the topic/information matters;

Direct audience to other sources, and leave no major questions in an audience’s mind;

Be easy to peruse, with good design choices that create a cohesive document;

and Utilize visual design and accompanying illustrations that draw public audiences in and inform them effectively, while citing appropriate sources.

You can use Canva website or any flyer maker for the design

I have posted below examples of one pager(flayer)

Please make sure you take look at them because it will be kinda similar

The topic is Food Insecuriy

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