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Organizational Behavior Diversity Enhances Smartness and Sharpness Responses


Write a reply minimum of 150 words for each discussion1 and discussion 2

Discussion 1:

1.If you don’t have a diverse group of people on your team, how can you ensure that you will have robust discussions and decision-making? What techniques can you use to generate conversations from different perspectives?

Diverse teams bring forth many different perspectives on any matter that is trying to be solved or have a decision to be made. Diversity makes us smarter for if one person brings up a new point someone did not have it then generates a new perspective for others and an open-minded person will learn from these new perspectives. However, when working with a team of non-diverse people it can bring forth some issues. As a leader you must be able to organize the group and bring forth conversation so that ideas are being thrown out there for people to discuss on the topic. The leader must know who the group is and how the react to situations for if not diverse they will all gang up on leader and need to be open as a leader to understand.

2. Evaluate your own team at work. Is it a diverse team? How would you rate the quality of decisions generated from that group?

Diverse teams have been proven to be better at problem-solving and decision-making for several reasons. First, they bring many different perspectives to the table. Second, they rely more on facts and use those facts to substantiate their positions. What is even more interesting is that, according to the Scientific American article “How Diversity Makes Us Smarter,” simply “being around people who are different from us makes more creative, diligent, and harder-working.” One case in point is the example of jury decision-making, where fact-finding and logical decision-making are of utmost importance.” Diversity jolts us into cognitive action in ways that homogeneity simply does not.” So, the next time you are called for jury duty, or to serve on a board committee, or to make an important decision as part of a team, remember that one way to generate a great discussion and come up with a strong solution is to pull together a diverse team.


Yeager, K. L., & Nafukho, F. M. (2012). Developing diverse teams to improve performance in the organizational setting. European Journal of Training and Development

Discussion 2:

Different teams can improve your company because people from different backgrounds bring different perspectives to the decision-making process. Research has shown that companies with women on the board have better financial performance than companies with all men on the board. A multicultural group can bring many benefits to the organization, but the premise is that the group can cooperate harmoniously. If a team has trust issues and does not collaborate, invite, or convene when needed, different teams may actually weaken your business.

Celebrate cultural differences.
Becoming a strong and distinctive team means learning to embrace, respect and celebrate your team’s cultural identity. It means not only the different ways of celebrating the holidays, the languages spoken by employees, or the way they dress. A culture that transcends everything we do in life, including the way we work. When you have people from different regions, races, religions, backgrounds, and ways of thinking, leaders need to find ways to balance the team so that they can cooperate well and respect each other. The key is to determine how to harness the power of different thinking. It can distinguish a team that can hardly work together and a team that can enhance your business. (Baldelomar, 2016)

Make every team member feel valued.
Although it is natural that some employees will be better than others, it is important to realize that each member provides value to your company. Not everyone is suitable for every job. The largest companies understand that they need a broad perspective and personality to strengthen. Not everyone has the qualifications to become a leader, but this does not reduce their contribution to your business. Leaders need to appreciate the work done by each employee.

Creating a different team is to empower the team. One can make the organization more efficient by leveraging the power of each employee. If every team member is valued and their voice is heard, then everyone can trust the trust environment of their teammates. Then, compared to a random group of people, the team becomes stronger and will start working towards a common goal to push your company forward. (Baldelomar, 2016)


Baldelomar, R. (2016, November 22). Three Tips To Build A Diverse Team And Strengthen Your Business. Forbes. https://www.forbes.com/sites/raquelbaldelomar/2016/11/22/three-tips-to-build-a-diverse-team-and-strengthen-your-business/?sh=fa06d8469178.

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