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Organizational Behavior Sexual Harassment Policy Discussion Responses


Write a reply minimum of 150 words for each discussion1 and discussion 2

Discussion 1:

Cox’s business case about diversity provides a good insight into diversity. As per her case that was performed in the European countries, diversity provides innovation and helps the company succeed. The other way, which is innovation comes from diversity is also true. The next point she mentioned was that diversity in an organization like gender-related diversity is important for innovation and improve the functioning of the company. At least 20% of women in the leadership role of an organization can be led to better innovation due to such diversity. Positive outcomes that may result in changes to Uber’s leadership team is having a diversified team in the organization, especially in the leadership. The sexual harassment cases in the upper management in Uber may have lessened if there was diversity with more women in leadership roles. Like Cox mentioned, at least 20% of women in leadership roles could lead to better gender-based diversity and improve the functionality of the organization. Uber has been a male-dominated organization and if women would have been in higher levels, surely there would have been better policies for employee protection with respect to sexual harassment and misbehavior.

Fowler was eventually protected by sexual harassment laws and policies. Fowler’s experiences in Uber showed that the HR and upper management were lying and overlooked the sexual harassment complaints against an employee. Thus, the strategy should have been to terminate or take the harassment complaints seriously against the employee. Thus, stricter rules and policies should be implemented as part of the strategy. Also, having a diversified leadership could have made the complaints take appropriate actions in an efficient way. Thus, having diversified leadership management could have helped.

Discussion 2:

Based on Cox’s business for diversity, there are many positive outcomes that may result in changes to Uber’s leadership team. Diversity is the practice of including people from many different backgrounds. One positive outcome that may result in changes to Uber’s leadership team is that they start to bring in diverse leaders. Meaning they will have women, people from different ethnic backgrounds, and people with different sexual orientations. It is also positive that Uber has a more positive and diverse work culture. Uber will show that they do not discriminate and are able to work with people from all walks of life.

Fowler was protected by Uber’s chief executive Travis Kalanick because he condemned the behavior. He publicly said that it was not okay, and Uber made changes in the company to make sure that they will not go through the same experience again. He has hired a new leadership team to make it more diverse and a better environment for the employees.

There are many different strategies that should have been put in place to help prevent sexual harassment incidents like putting a sexual harassment policy in place, raise awareness, take all complaints seriously, monitor your workplace, and have a clear step in place in case someone must report. Placing a sexual harassment policy in place at the workplace will help ensure that all workers know the rules and procedures in the workplace. It is important that the leaders raise awareness to show that sexual harassment will not be tolerated and what defines as sexual harassment.

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