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Organizational Behavior The Perks and Benefits of Working at HubSpot Responses


Write a reply minimum of 150 words for each discussion1 and discussion 2

Discussion 1:

  1. How does HubSpot’s focus on culture affect employee performance?

HubSpot is a company that has approximately 19,000 customers in over 90 countries and 1960 employees, stretching from Cambridge, MA to Sydney, Australia. HubSpot is a company that beliefs in giving the employees good perks and many more benefits which makes them the third best company to work for according to Glassdoor annual employee’s choice award in the entire world. One such incident in which an employee of HubSpot asked for a crazy need of one full-year sabbatical which would be not only working from home but also an actual out-of-office plan and it got approved. According to states CTO and co-founder Dharmesh Shah, the company believes in what the employee believes, why they do, what they do and not on giving out free beer, playing ping pong or bringing dogs in the office. This kind of freedom brings a large amount of passion within the employees which makes them to work harder and improve the overall performance of the employees.

  1. What concerns would you have regarding giving employees countless flexible benefits such as HubSpot does; for example, a yearly sabbatical?

There would be multiple concerns when an employee is given countless flexible benefits such as a year’s sabbatical. The first concern would be it might deteriorate the overall performance of employee if he/she is busy with other work rather than working for the company. As there can be a countless number of leaves taken, the employee can take leaves whenever they want, and this attitude and make the employee lazy and it can also lead to less productivity from the employee. If the employee is traveling there can be a WIFI issue and this can create issues while attending meetings as it requires the employees to speak and equally participates. Employees will not be able to focus on work-life and he will always be trying to make excuses for not doing the work on time.


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Discussion 2:

HubSpot’s practical, flexible and open way in approaching its business functions has helped it thrive by attracting top talent, no wonder the company was listed in (Fortune, 2019) top hundred places to work in. Everyone is a problem solver and with the “No Door Policy” (HubSpot, 2021) adopted, workers, have access to the company’s resources which makes them create a lasting impact. That transparency environment has created a sense of responsibility and accountability. The staff feels they are part of the company and with this comes opportunity. Employees strive to improve on the company’s vision because they are built upon and part of it. The company values shape its business functions, staff, and performance to work towards achieving what’s best for the company.

Hubspot’s culture code, creating a unified company vision and shared beliefs/values, has improved employees’ output quality and boosts their morale.

The company’s focus on flexibility and autonomy includes giving workers work sabbaticals, unlimited vacation, etc. apart from improving employees’ results and satisfaction, it also attracts top talent. Giving employees a break from the daily company duties improves their productivity.

In conclusion, I can raise my view that culture is the collective responsibility of an organization. To create a flexible culture and way of working, you should evaluate your culture- the shares beliefs, standards, and practices in your company. For your working model to be successful, you must build, adapt and evolve your culture around your employees.

From Hubspot’s culture, the management should take time to assess their company culture and values on whichever work model they are using. The culture should be accommodating to all employees and embraces the company’s values. A company’s standards may remain the same over time but the management should ensure that how these values are implemented in the company is changing progressively. If you want results, you have to change the way you do things. I couldn’t agree more with the (HubSpot, 2021)phrase, “Amazing people don’t like average goals.”


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