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Organizational Problem or Opportunity


Organizational leaders make decisions every day that affect their organizations and employees. Making informed decisions is an imperative for leaders if their organizations are to remain viable and sustainable. This Capstone course was designed to integrate and synthesize research with concepts, theories, and skills learned through the Master’s program to address an organizational problem or opportunity. Integration of acquired knowledge is demonstrated by each student in the development and completion of the Capstone Project process. The final Capstone assignment, Capstone Project Report, demonstrates a student’s ability to conduct practical research in support of a decision-making process.

Your Capstone Project must include the following:

  • Title Page
  • An Executive Summary
    • An outline of the organizational problem or opportunity being investigated.
    • A summary of the background and argument surrounding your issue.
    • An overview of your recommendations for your organization
  • Section I: Organization/Industry Problem or Opportunity
    • Intro & Definition of Terms
    • Problem Statement
    • Purpose Statement
    • Research Question
    • Intended Audience
  • Section II: Problem or Opportunity Background
    • Background of Problem/Opportunity
    • Explanation of the Importance of the Topic
    • Theoretical Framework
  • Section III: Investigative Steps
    • An explanation of the research approach taken
    • Methodology used
    • Bias found
    • Topics intentionally not addressed due to time constraints, lack of substantial research, etc…
  • Section IV: Literature Review
    • An analysis of the findings of research obtained relevant to the research topic
    • A comprehensible logical flow of information, with categorized headings, that is unmistakably linked to the problem, opportunity, and research questions
    • Graphics or other analytical charts from research, if relevant to the findings
  • Section V: Recommendations and Conclusions
    • Interpretive views about results
    • Recommendations, options, action plans, or practical applications for decision makers to use
    • Correlation to investigative findings for all recommendations
    • One page, at the minimum, dedicated to the conclusion of this research project, to include future recommendations for areas of opportunity and research that were not addressed due to the time limitations of this Capstone
  • References
  • Appendixes, if applicable

Your well-written Capstone project must be 18-35 pages total in length, in addition to title and reference pages. The paper should be formatted according to the APA Requirements. You must cite at least 12 scholarly references.

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