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The video project
will be an original video using non verbal forms of communication and you will
demonstrate a clear idea or story of your choosing. Your idea(s) must connect
to at least one of the theories learned in class to demonstrate your
understanding and should be at least 3 minutes long; be prepared to give a
brief explanation of your video in class afterwards. This project may be done
individually, in pairs, or as a group of three. This project is worth 15% of
your overall grade and the presentation dates are on October 9th or October
11th. Please either upload your video on YouTube (or a similar platform) and
send me a link, email me the file, or find a way to give me a copy of your
video (USB) prior to your presentation date.

It has to be an original video of any message you wish as long as your message
connects to a theory we learned in class. If you use some outside material in
your video, just make sure you cite your sources.

I am attaching the file below for the theory.

you can take any original video from you tube and make a citation for it.

what you need to do is find an original video from you tube whose message matches then theory then write a page in notes form like in points so that I should be able to give description of it in class one page is more than enough single spaced. written in simple words and make a reference of the video too. all this should be done is apa citation style

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