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Ottawa University Cultural Differences Short Questions


1. Explain why differences in culture can limit the ability of companies to centralize production in key locations. Provide an example.

2. What is meant by carry trade? Why is it risky? Explain with an example.

3. How has the volatility of the current global exchange rate regime affected international businesses? How can the problem be tackled?

4. Discuss the different types of competitive pressures that firms competing in a global marketplace face. How can firms respond to such pressures?

5. What are the consequences of an international firm entering a foreign market on a significant scale? Give an example.

6. Briefly describe the various financial devices that help exporters solve the problem of a lack of trust in international trade.

7. What are two important strategic objectives of an international firm’s production and logistics functions?

8. Identify the product attributes of a product of your choice. Explain how product attributes play a role in selling a product.

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