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Online Experts from Research Paper 101 are qualified both academically and in their experiences. Many are Masters and Phd holders and therefore, are qualified to handle complex assignments that require critical thinking and analyses.

How we hire our writers

step 1

We Offer Entry Tests

We offer entry tests that are designed by scholars whom we outsource. The tests are both oral and written. We then conduct a physical interview to ensure that the writers are real people and not robots. This process also enables us to gauge their abilities. We work with expert writers who have passed the entry tests. All our writers follow the rules to ensure they provide high-quality papers with no plagiarism.

step 2

We Identify Writer Skills

We employ writers with outstanding skills who can maintain high quality. The application process is meant to identify highly skilled writers who can produce high-quality papers. The reason we subject our experts through the process is to ensure that the quality of all custom papers written by our team is always the best. 

step 3

Put Under Probation

Once the writer passes our tests, we then put them under probation. During this time, they will be given work in smaller pages until they have been tested to produce the desired the quality. At this time also, we will be looking at their performances based on client reviews. We retain writers who will show exceptional results during this period.

Why hire our writers

Our writers are tested and proven and we constantly update them on any new changes in formatting of papers and other changes in the academic front.

Our experts
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They can deliver plagiarism-free papers. 

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They are also well versed with the knowledge that information that is obtained from other sources should be properly cited.

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All our papers are customized as per your requirements.

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