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Paper On Human Service Theory Related To Case Study


Paper On Human Service Theory Related To Case Study

Paper On Human Service Theory Related To Case Study

Can anyone assist with writing a 3-4 page paper.

For this assignment you will select 2-3 human service theories that relates to the attached. The theories selected should help explain the scenario created in the case study. The paper should provide an analysis of the selected theories and how they support the case study.


-apa format

-12 pt time new roman -double space

-4 academic sources

– 3-4 pages (Not including cover page and reference page)

Attach you will find a copy of the case study.

  • attachmentWeek3assignment-casestudy.docx



Case Study: Melissa Herbert

Karina Bard

Capella University


Dr. Betsy McDougall


This case study is about a 27- year-old Caucasian female who suffers from Borderline Personality Disorder. Melissa has been going through trauma since the age of 5 and continued over the years. Now as an adult Melissa past continue to affect her tremendously. Family and friends believes Melissa condition is getting out of hand and they’re ready to get intensive help but Melissa is not open to it at the time. Due to Melissa condition there may be some ethical dilemmas that may occur throughout this process.

Keywords: DBT therapy, Borderline personality disorder, Substance abuse, physical abuse, sexual abuse.

Background History

Melissa Herbert is a 27-year-old, Caucasian female. Over the last 18 months, Melissa has been seeing a psychiatrist due to her suicidal ideation. Melissa has been hospitalized at least 4 times for treatment of suicidal ideation, one suicidal attempt. Melissa also had numerous of suicidal gestures such as drinking bleach, anti-freeze and self-inflicting cuts. One of Melissa’s hospitalization lasted for a duration of 4 months. Melissa’s family thinks she is too dangerous to seek long-term care out of the hospital, but Melissa disagrees with the family.

As a child, Melissa was raised by both parents and was the only child. Both of Melissa’s parents had a history of substance abuse and depression. At age 5, Melissa’s father sexually abused her. Not only was Melissa being sexually abuse by her father, both of Melissa’s parents physically abused her throughout her childhood. The abuse continued until Melissa was 15 years old. During the beginning of age 14, Melissa begin abusing alcohol and binging and food restriction. While in college, Melissa attended a Drug and Alcohol treatment program where she met a guy who she later married. Despite her problems, Melissa was able to finish college and complete 2 years of law school. While in her second year of law school, one of Melissa’s acquaintances committed suicide. This traumatic event caused Melissa to fall into depression and decide she wanted to kill herself. Within weeks, Melissa dropped out of law school and officially became actively suicidal and hopeless.

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