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Paper – Where Ethics and Values Conflict


Please see attached doc for more information. I will send full links for my eBooks upon acceptance of assignment.

For this assignment choose and watch a movie or television show that depicts a main character from a vulnerable population. The population may include someone facing end of life issues, ethnic or sexual minorities, minors, or someone facing barriers to services.

The Assignment (2-3 pages):

Give a brief (2-3 sentence) overview of the main character and their situation from the media you watched. Identify the vulnerable population the main character is from and offer a brief explanation of why that population is considered vulnerable.

Discuss your personal beliefs regarding this population that were challenged (or that you explored) after watching the movie or television show.

Identify an ethical dilemma you might consider when working with this population (cite appropriate ethical codes and state laws that apply).

Identify who your state legislature representative is and contact him/her. Include the name of your state representative and contact information in the paper. Discuss what you said in your email or when you spoke or left a voicemail.

Your paper should be in proper APA format with a minimum of 2-3 scholarly references.

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