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Park University Psychological Analysis of the Bucket List Discussion


You will continue to build upon your depiction of development in film with this assignment, which covers the developmental periods from ages 40 to death.

Your instructor will provide you detailed feedback on your assignment once it is submitted and graded. You will need to incorporate this feedback into your final case study in Unit 8. This week you will not be submitting your research, but be sure and include support and citations from research as you did in your previous two film papers. 


In a minimum of two pages, summarize how the film you chose specifically depicts at least one physical, cognitive, and psychosocial milestone/concept/theory. Use specific examples of characters’ behaviors to support each of these. Be sure and address the following to consider when completing your paper:

  1. Use developmental terminology throughout your document to describe behaviors and concepts. Support your observations with research and cite in the appropriate places. 
  2. Is the development depicted in the movie typical? Why or why not?
  3. What factors contributed to the depiction of the characters’ development (ie: class, culture, ethnicity, religion, historical location, personality, parenting/attachment styles, social location, life events, etc.)?

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