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First, select a particular user group that interests you, such as people with visual impairments, physicians, homeless parents, or first-generation college students. Next, find a peer-reviewed research article that describes a study of the information behavior of your selected user group. The article must contain a “Methods” or “Methodology” section and must present the authors’ findings relating to their study participants’ information needs, seeking, and/or use. After carefully reading your selected article, write a brief paper (1,000 – 1,500 words). Please be sure to include the following components: (1) A summary of the article (be sure to state the authors’ research questions and describe their findings); (2) A critical assessment of the recruitment, data collection, and data analysis methods used by the researchers; (3) A discussion of how the study findings might be used to help the user group you have selected; and (4) Two ideas for future research on the information behavior of this user group.

Assessment: This assignment will be graded based on your selection and discussion of a relevant article; evidence that you have read the required readings and understand the central concepts relevant to this assignment; evidence of critical thinking; adherence to the length, formatting, and citation requirements; and clarity and precision of thought in your writing.

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