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Penn Foster College Visitation by Rembrandt Harmensz Van Rijn Discussion


This week, we’ve been exploring big questions such as: What is art? Who makes art and why?  As we begin answering these questions, you may find that the definition of art feels subjective. You may be wondering if it’s the artist that matters, the idea, or the finished artwork. Perhaps you are also wondering why some art becomes wildly famous and incredibly well-known while other works of art deemed less important.

For this discussion, consider what you know about art and how this week’s introduction has shaped your awareness of art. First, recall a previous experience you have had with a work of art. What was your reaction like to that work of art? Did you understand the work of art’s meaning? Did you perhaps question why it was considered art, or whether it was controversial at all?

Please post an image (EMBED the image) of the work of art you are referencing from a google search. Give the name of the artist (if known) and/or the title of the artwork, and the context in which you viewed the art (in a Museum, a place, a public area, etc).

Lastly, consider any lingering thoughts you may have about meaning in art or what is considered art.  Please post at least one further question about art that you hope to have answered in this course (or at least explore more).

This is a fairly open-ended question to get us thinking about the definitions of art, what we collectively have experienced, and what we would like to know more about. Discussions will be graded on whether you successfully and thoroughly addressed the issues/questions above, took your time to write a thoughtful response, checked for basic grammar and spelling. View the attached RUBRIC for more information on how you’ll be graded. I’m not going to mark you down for occasional errors, but if your post is difficult to read due to incorrect grammar/spelling you might lose points). Length is not as important as quality, but as a general guideline you’ll want to post somewhere between 200-400 words. Please write all of your discussion responses in prose (i.e., full sentences, complete paragraphs) rather than bulleted lists. Please no informal language or abbreviations (lol etc not encouraged).

1. An experience i’ve had with art is during the time that I had went to Paris and got the chance to see the Mona Lisa, by Leonardo Da Vinci, in person. I remember going to The Louvre, the museum where the painting is kept, and seeing the infamous art piece. When I first laid my eyes on the painting I was shocked to see how small it was. I was expecting a big grand canvas that scaled half the wall, but I was met with a little painting that was the size of a medium dog. Not only was I shocked by the size but also the dull color ways of the painting. In person the painting was more morbid and greyish than what I was expecting. When I was looking at the painting I was thinking, what made this painting so special? Why is this average looking painting known as the infamous art piece in the world? I didn’t quite understand the meaning or why it was so well known. To me, all I saw was a dull painting of an uncontent women. With the help of the first readings, I began to point out minor significances behind the painting like class, wealth and realism.

2. To begin with, I know very little about art. I like making art, but don’t what to look for or how to appreciate others work properly. Don’t get me wrong I like others work but it is more in the sense of whether I like it or don’t. There is nothing that supports it. Which is why I gave a deeper look into the art piece,”The Creation of Adam.” It is an art piece that is referenced in movies and even some get it tatted on themselves. Which had me curious. When I first saw that work of art I questioned it. I’m not well educated on religion so my first question was, “who are they?” I defiantly did not understand anything about the piece, even now, when I come back around and see the piece again I still don’t know fully. I keep coming back and more question arise. “The Creation of Adam” is a piece that has a lot of context in order to understand the painting. Most of being religious which I now very little about. Which is why a have more question, I learn more about the painting and religion.What I like about the piece is the more you look at it and pay attention to detail the more you see. And more question you have. For example under Adam, which looks beneath the ground it looks like an arm. Who’s arms is it? what is it holding? Without a doubt I see this art. not only because it is made with oil paints but also the attention to detail and the different reactions and ideas and may cast on the viewer.

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