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Perception and Unconsious Bias Questionnaire


Read the course material and answer the questions, no word limits

#1:Ask for a volunteer in your home or apartment to do this exercise with you. Ask your volunteer to close his/her eyes. Then very LIGHTLY place varying combinations of fingers on your partner’s inside lower arm. For example, you might place one finger from each hand on the person’s skin or you might place other combinations on the person’s skin (e.g., five fingers from one hand and two fingers from the other hand). Be careful that all fingers touch the person’s skin AT THE SAME TIME. While your volunteer’s eyes are still closed, ask how many fingers you placed on his/her arm. After the person answers, ask them to open their eyes to see how many fingers are actually resting on their arm. Then repeat the exercise where you close your eyes and your partner places his/her fingers LIGHTLY on your arm. Again all fingers must touch the skin at the same time. Briefly describe the results of the exercise, explaining what happened.

#2 : View the following video on selective perception (next slide). What did you see? In several sentences, explain how this video relates to the ideas on selective perception.

#3 : View the following video (next slide) on first impression errors in job interviewing. In one sentence, identify the main idea(s) of the video. Then respond in a short paragraph to one of the following three questions: (1) Do you think you have ever made a mistake in what you chose to wear or how you chose to respond to questions in a job interview? If so, how do you think it influenced the interviewer’s decision. Explain. (2) Do you think you ever made a first impression error in judging someone else in a job interview? How could using the interviewer’s ideas for “so what?” have helped you to make a different decision? (3) Describe some interaction in the past where you met someone for the first time and formed an immediate impression that turned out to be wrong. What led you to understand you had made a mistake?

#4 How well do you think you did on the exercise? Did you think you made any first impression errors? Did you engage in stereotyping? What influenced your choices in cases where you judged incorrectly? Physical attributes such as levels of athleticism? Age? Gender? Clothing? Hair styles? As always, take care not to use any term or reference that could be perceived as derogatory toward the person or demographic group that you are discussing.

#5 : View the following CBC documentary (next slide) on the experience of one multigenerational Black family in Canada. Summarize the main ideas in the documentary. Then comment on the following points: Has your nationality ever been questioned on the basis of race or ethnicity? If so, how did it make you feel? If not, were you aware of how often this happens to others? Do you think you will be more sensitive in the future to how this kind of stereotyping?


#6 : To see how you rate on a four-category tes/t for racial bias, log into the Harvard Implicit Bias website – and prepare yourself for some potentially surprising results. DO NOT reveal/share the results of your responses but indicate whether you were surprised at all by the results. The studies connected with this tes/t are covered in your slides and readings – https://implicit.harvard.edu/implicit/

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