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Personal and Professional Strategies Reflection


Personal and Professional Strategies Reflection
Assessment Directions
Personal and Professional Strategies Reflection

Navigating the challenges of leadership requires not only knowledge of the health care organizations and systems that impact decision-making, doing so effectively is a testament to your interpersonal effectiveness and ability to communicate with a wide range of personnel and managers who each have a stake in decisions. The presence of often opposing viewpoints sets the stage for conflict as each side defends the interests of their group or organization. Honing the skills of conflict management is essential experience for effective leaders.

Consider a recent experience you had working with a group.

Write a 700-word reflection on what you learned about communication, collaboration, and conflict resolution strategies during your group work. In your reflection, consider the following:

Did you change your mind at any point during the project, based on feedback from others?

Was it easy to share ideas freely and come to a consensus on a common goal or solution?

Would you be comfortable, as a leader in health care, choosing which ideas would be used?

What areas do you feel you need to focus on to make yourself a stronger and more effective leader?

What did you perceive as your biggest challenges in working with the group? Was there any conflict? If so, how was it handled? If not, how was it avoided? What can you glean from that to make future teamwork more effective?

Within the areas of growth opportunity you identified for yourself, which can you put into practice immediately?

Cite any sources to support your assignment.

Format your citations according to APA guidelines.

Submit your assignment.

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