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Personal Ethics Reflections Paper


I have assignment, It’s a little complicated I hope you understand the assignment

And I choose this 4 dilemma
I attached my baseline paper use it to take my story,

You need to link my decisions in the ethical dilemmas to my decision in the personal story from the baseline paper. After linking, you should talk about what kind of decision maker you are. And what can you say about yourself as ethical person.

Regarding the scores of the ethical dilemmas in the paper, you should not be evaluating them because I put them there. You should be stating what influence me more in my decisions

Example: termination of a friend case. You should state what influenced my decision from The highest score for that dilemma

You must follow this Personal Ethics Reflections Paper step by step very accurately.

Because I need it after 13 hours

I will attached 3 more file the dilemma.

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