Personal Growth project


B.Personal Growth Project Report

The Personal Growth Project Report (150 points), due in Week 13, should identify your objective of what behavior you attempted to improve on, the plan you laid out, the actions you took to actually make those improvements, the results, and the interpretation of your project as to what you learned.You should identify the outside sources, personal and written, in a Reference List at the end and use those in your interpretation.The Report may be between 5 and 8 pages, plus any charts, graphs, and reference list.Changing our behavior is a challenging enterprise, so you may not have attained all your goals.As a result, the best papers will provide a candid appraisal of the writer’s success and demonstrate thoughtful insights as to what made it possible or difficult to improve.They will reveal high levels of self-awareness and astute ideas of how to continue to improve after the end of this course.

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