“Personal Opinion” essay


1] Read the guidelines for the “Personal Opinion” essay in the Assignments tab.Decide which topic you wish to write about, and state in (in full).

2] Write an outline for your essay.In the introduction, you want to state your topic and your position on the topic, the major points you will cover in arguing your position, and whatever else would make the reader want to read your paper.You might include brief personal anecdotes, headlines from the news, warnings, statistics, lines from songs . . .the reader should know what you are going to write about, and be excited to read on.

In the outline, you want to show which points you will discuss in each of the body paragraphs, and what the supporting details will be. (Note:I am going to put a sample outline I use in ENC 1101 into the “Assignments” tab, just as a review).

3] Do some researching/background reading this week and find two good sources (ones that would pass the CRAAP test) that you can use in your paper.Tell me what the two sources are (publication, website, author, date, etc.) and then give me a “defense” for each of the two sources – tell why you think they are “good”, high quality sources.

Type the responses on a page (or pages) and submit via Turnitin.

This step of the essay writing process is worth 50points.

This assignment (the outline and explanation of sources) is due midnight Sunday, October 29th via Turnitin. The finished essay is due via Turnitin by midnight Sunday, November 5th

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