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Persuasive Presentation Essay , two page


Prepare a two-page persuasive presentation essay that illustrates the techniques and skills needed to develop a customer-focused relationship with a service OR retail business in a mixed sales setting (mixed means both personal selling and some online/digital component).

  • Alternatively you can create a 10 slide, slideshow covering the same information.

Assume I don’t know “anything” about making a Persuasive Presentation. Your job (with this assignment) is to show me how!

Additional Thoughts:

  • If you choose to write the essay you will be describing persuasive presentation techniques and how they work – much like you might “reveal” a magician’s secrets or a chef’s special technique(s).
  • If you choose to create a slideshow you will be presenting the same information but using less words and more images, diagrams, etc. You are not creating a Persuasive Presentation –> you are creating a slideshow revealing how persuasive presentations work.

SUBMIT a link to a Google DOC or Google SLIDE file.

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