Persuasive Speech outline

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Specific Purpose: To persuade my audience that traveling through an airplane is safer than any other way of transportation.

Central Idea: Flying phobia is a problem that affects many people live who are afraid of flying.

Persuasive Speech Guidelines

Speaking Time: 5-7 Minutes

Visual Aid: At least one is required for each main point.

Supporting Material: At least six (6) sources are required on the works cited page and must be cited verbally during the speech. The citation must include the name of the author, her/his qualification, the title of the source, and the date it was written. For this speech, all students are required to present a Question of Policy speech using Monroe’s Motivated sequence format..

You will
follow the organizational pattern
Monroe’s Motivated Sequence for your speech.

In developing a policy speech seeking immediate actions, the first step is to gain attention by making us aware of a serious problem in the introduction. The second step is your first main point. You must prove, demonstrate, support with research, that a problem exists and there is a need for action. Tell us what harms exist or will be created if we fail to take action. (i.e. how many lives are in danger, how much money is being wasted, how many people are suffering needlessly? etc.) The third step is to provide a plan (your second main point) with specific action steps that should be taken. The fourth step is to demonstrate the practicality (your third main point) of how this plan will solve the problems. Visualize a positive future if you follow your plan. Your fifth step in the conclusion is a call to a specific action we can take immediately to be a part of solving this serious problem. See “Summary of MMS web email students” module 8 under lecture for more detail.

Monroe’s Motivated Sequence (MMS) is tailor-made for policy speeches that seek immediate action because it guides the advocate through a step-by-step logical and psychologically sound process of organizing a persuasive message. The steps of motivated sequence are as follows:

Attention (Intro), Need-first main point, Satisfaction-second main point, Visualization-third main point, Action (Conclusion) See documents in the persuasive modules for details.

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Persuasive Speech outline

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