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Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Thesis Paper



– the text highlighted in purple are the updates that I started on based on the comments from my supervisor.

you will see these in purple only on a couple of pages as I could not proceed beyond that.

– just to set the right expectations, that my supervisor usually will not respond so fast, so that should not stop us from proceeding further. yes lets complete Chapter by chapter and I will keep submitting to my supervisor one by one, while waiting for his feedback.

As for Chapter sequence, please keep to the sequence as that is what my supervisor has recommended

Font in bold through the rest of the dissertation is to highlight the points in the literature review that lead to the discussions later on. But if you feel that is not required, we can use normal font and need to put it in bold.

HERE ARE SOME OF THE CHATS WITH MY PREVIOUS WRITER,( Check the professor comments too)

we can use normal font and need not put in in bold
09:10 PM

let me know if you need to clarify anything else or you need anything further from me – thanks
09:12 PM
Thank you so much lol!. Incase of anything, I will let you know.
09:46 PM

09:48 PM
10:49 PM
How are you doing?
10:49 PM

I went through Chapter 1. Thank you for writing the introduction covering very general topics, however, it does not seem to cover the comments provided by my supervisor?
10:50 PM

It also does not include the details about the MNC itself – which you will find in the purple font in the word document that I provided
10:51 PM

I will need help to use the WORD document provided and incorporate all the action items provided by my Supervisor ( in the PDF).
10:53 PM

It is okay to add more relevant information like you have done, but it must include all of the existing information and must address all of the actions / comments provided by my supervisor please
10:54 PM
OK. I will incorporate all the information too .
10:55 PM
I will make sure I use your Supervisor’s comments.
10:56 PM

yes please – thanks. All of the comments must be incorporated please.
11:01 PM

So can you please revise Chapter one to incorporate the content about the company, plus incorporate all the action items from my supervisor, in addition to the general introduction that you have prepared.
11:03 PM

thank you
11:03 PM
4 May
12:04 AM
How have you been?
12:04 AM
I had some issues, with the last paper we already started on. So I opted to begin a new project once ,that is well structured and follows all the requirements. I have been figuring out how to proceed but currently I am on the right truck. I started it once again though late than the assigned deadline ,but I am very sure ,I will deliver it within the agreed deadline. Thank you.
12:09 AM
How will your supervisor react, if we present a different paper from what we had already handed in. ?
12:10 AM
5 May

Hi Prof, are you saying that the topic will be the same, but the structure of the thesis will be presented differently, but including all that my supervisor has requested to be included ?
01:11 AM
Yes, that what I am focusing on this time round. I want to avoid as much revisions as possible.
01:12 AM

Okay, I am open to looking at it differently, as long as the topic and content are exactly the same with all my supervisor’s comments and requirements incorporated into the thesis.
01:15 AM

When can I receive some of the initial chapters please?
01:15 AM
As soon as possible, I am planning to send it to you in the next few days.
01:17 AM

okay – thanks Prof, you may please send it in phases, so I can review as you continue writing the rest.
09:21 PM
09:29 PM
You will have a draft by tomorrow.
09:29 PM

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