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PHC 215 Saudi Electronic University Healthcare Research Methods Essay


The attached file with the title of the answer belongs to my friend, but I want to solve the assignment, like the method of the attached file with the title of the answer, but I want the solution to be in a different format and without any percentage of similarity, because in case of similarity, the doctor will record zero for me Please follow the conditions mentioned. Article Critique in Health Sciences

Please find the Paper for the article critique in the attached files.

Critical analysis of journal article summary

The critique should be of 1.5 pages with a text of no more than 500 words excluding references with a font of Times New Roman and size of 12. The line spacing should be 1.5.

The purpose of writing a critique is to assess the quality of work carried out by others and also for having a better understanding. The critical analysis of a journal article requires a critical reading and writing.

The students may use the following sample questions whichever applicable as basic guidelines for critiquing a journal article in health sciences:

Ten questions to ask when critically appraising a research article:

1. Is the study question relevant?

2. Does the study add anything new?

3. What type of research question is being asked?

4. Was the study design appropriate for the research question?

5. Did the study methods address the most important potential sources of bias?

6. Was the study performed according to the original protocol?

7. Does the study test a stated hypothesis?

8. Were the statistical analyses performed correctly?

9. Do the data justify the conclusions?

10. Are there any conflicts of interest?

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