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Philosophy Paper-Theory Building


This final paper will provide students the opportunity to compare and contrast the different philosophies of science discussed throughout the semester. Your paper should include detailed discussions of each philosophical perspective and the scientists who posited them (Karl Popper, Thomas Kuhn, and Stephen Pepper). In addition, you must write about how positivism (in its several forms, including logical positivism) has influenced scientific inquiry and discourse in the field of Family Therapy. This is not a paper about any particular theorist or metatheorist, but rather a paper where you discuss their ideas/insights as you illustrate your depth and breadth of knowledge regarding the different fundamental philosophies of science. Furthermore, your paper must also discuss the intersection of two of the ‚Äúpantheoretical polarities‚ÄĚ discussed in class. USE: Nature versus Nurture. Note that each side of the chosen polarities must be addressed logically and rationally regardless of which polarity you most agree with. This paper should not exceed 20 pages in length, (the reference section does not count toward the 20 pages) so be sure to synthesize your points accurately using the works of others. You must use a minimum of 20 academic/scholarly references (of which at least 5 must be outside the list of required readings for the class). Use APA formatting for manuscripts in formatting of the manuscript, writing style, documentation, and the reference section.

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