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Physical activity in adolescnets


For this assignment you will be creating and narrating a Power Point presentation illustrating the PRECEDE-PROCEED model. This is a 200 point assignment – be sure to read the instructions carefully and review the grading rubric. Scroll down the page to view the Grading Rubric.

1. Choose a specific health behavior (e.g., physical activity for adolescents).

2. Design a program to improve the health behavior selected (must include all eight steps of the PRECEDE-PROCEED model – see pages 72-74 in textbook).

3. Identify individual and community theories you would use to implement the program.

4. A minimum of five (5) graphics should be used to illustrate the model and /or theories.

5. Include at least three working links to reputable resources.

6. Reference slide must be included (APA format).

7. Narrate (voice over).

I will do the voice over, I just need notes at the bottom to read them off.

pages 72-74 precede-proceed model- from the book health promotion in nursing 8th edition down below. I will give rubric when project confirmed.

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