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Physics Lab Report for Frank_Solutions


Please refer to page calculations picture for the obejectives  this must be done by Sunday 4/05/2015  9:30 PM EST

Must be in a word document/Graphs must be in excel

Must have chart as listed in the calculations picture, use the the data from the pictures below .

Please no plagerism 100% orginal

The following is needed:

Objective- This must be in your own words and only a few setenceses

Theory-This will need to be a few sentences in your own words

Data-See picture for chart needed and the other data pictures for the data

See picture Calculation, and

Analysis- Please see page 4 and also the calculations page for the setup of how it should be in excel
***Also draw the  ray tracing diagrams on the previous pages for each case as it says in Analysis 2.***


Conclusion this need to be in your own words.

Additionally please see calculations needed page for any of the forumlas.

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