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Physio Ex 4 Endocrine System Physiology Activity


Please read the instructions to answer BOTH worksheets. Please make sure you answer BOTH worksheets!


  • Click: PhysioEX
  • This week, we will be working on Exercise 4 Endocrine System Physiology
    • Start the Exercise by Clicking “Metabolism”
    • A new tab will open with the activity. Note, if the page doesn’t open, you may have to go to your settings and enable Pop-ups and Flash. You may have to reload the page.
    • If the above doesn’t work, click on the Video to watch within PhysioEx. It may ask you if it is okay to run Flash. Click yes. Some students say after this step, they are able to open the lab activities.
    • Once in, complete ALL steps required of you. The program will provide instructions along the way, that must be followed. If you get “stuck” it is always because a step was skipped (you might have missed providing an answer or something. Go back and try again.)
    • Once finished with the “Metabolism” Activities, you are done!.

In this lab, you will perform 4 computer simulated experiment activities to understand the The Endocrine System and Metabolism. Only complete Activities 1 – 4. You DO NOT need to complete the sections on Hormone Replacement Therapy or Insulin and Diabetes (Activities 5 – 8).

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