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Pitt Community College Transition Warning Writing Question



Transitions are a great way to incorporate learning and guidance techniques during the necessary time children spend the day moving from one activity or location to another. For young children, these transitions can be extremely challenging and cause behavior problems to occur. This is just one important reason that teachers and caregivers need to plan for these transitions to help children eventually develop their own natural transitions as their interests and curiosity direct.


For this assignment you will need to select one of the following age groups:

  • Toddlers: 24 months – 35 months (2 years)
  • Three-year-olds: 36 months – 47 months (3 years)
  • Four-year-olds: 48 months – 59 months (4 years)

Considering your selected age group, outline at least 10 different activities/songs/games you could use with children during transitions that might occur throughout the day.

For each of your transition activities, you need to title your activity and provide a brief description of the activity. Be sure to provide detailed information about each transition, including where you are transitioning to and from, what resources you will use, if any, how you will use them, and what you might say/do. You may use a number/bullet style when completing this assignment rather than a traditional paper format.


Refer to the example below for how to format your assignment using Microsoft Word, as well as content expectations:


1. Color cards –

Following a large group activity on the carpet, I will use color cards that I have made out of construction paper and popsicle sticks to have children line up for lunch. When I am finished reading my story, I will hold up each color saying its name, “red,” and have anyone wearing the color red line up to wash their hands. I will continue with each color until every child has lined up to wash hands for lunch.

Note: In these three short sentences, I have been able to explain when I will use this transition, how I will use this transition, what resources I will use, and where we are transitioning to. These do not need to be lengthy descriptions of the activity, but they do need to define the activity with detail clearly.

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