Please answer sub questions 5-9 only

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Assignment #1 – Topics in Entrepreneurial Finance

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Part A

James Roth, CEO of the new start-up Arbuckle, Inc., which manufactures highly popular shoes, seeks toraise $5 million investment in his early stage venture. James conservatively projects earnings at exit of $5 million, five years from now, and knows that comparable companies at the time of exit trade at a priceearnings ratio of 20X.

On further analysis, the VC and Madhav agree that the company will probably need another

round of financing in addition to the current $5 million. The VC thinks the company will need an

additional $3 million in equity three years from today. While the first round investors still require

a 50%/year return, she thinks the second round investors will only require 30%/year. Based on

this new information, what share of the company will Round 2 investors seek?

6. What is the post-money and pre-money valuation of Round 2 investment?

7. Based on the information in Question 5, what share of the company would Round 1 investors

seek today (i.e., in the first round)?

8. How many shares should be issued to investors in round 1 and then subsequently to investor in

round 2?

9. What is the price per share in both rounds?

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Please answer sub questions 5-9 only

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