Please follow and read all intructions very good and uses example paper how it h

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Please follow and read all intructions very good and uses example paper how it has to be formatted.The topic for the report is Marfan SyndromeTopic:Instructions for written report: Marfan SyndromeWritten report: 250 points (topic list, 10 points; report 240 points)Students will individually write a 7-10-page report on the biochemistry of inheriteddisease.The written report should be a 7-10-page paper long (double spaced, 1-inch margins, noheadings). The report may include a maximum of 4 figures or tables. Each figure or tableshould not cover more than 1/3 of the page and be accompanied by a legend to communicate what is in the figure thoroughly. This written assignment should discussthe biochemistry and metabolic consequences of a monogenic, inherited disease.Generally, these diseases involve the mutation of a single gene that encodes for anenzyme or transporter. Choosing a disease whose biochemical details have been at leastpartly worked out will make gathering information much easier. please include the gene mutated and the function of the encoded protein (when not mutated) for the disease topic.The best place to find topics is in Scriver et al., “The Metabolic and Molecular Basisof Inherited Disease”, 8th edition. Please use scientific journal articles and notwebsites as your primary source of information. Using at least ten references is areasonable goal. Sources published within the last 5 years will provide the most up-to-date information and should be used whenever possible. The best place to start yoursearch about the material/source is to look for reviews at the National Library of Medicinewebsite {( (please narrow down your search criteria toreviews only)}. Please cite references as done in the Journal of Biological Chemistry{( (please check under references section)}.The reports should center on biochemistry and not a pathology or anything else.Originality software such as Turnitin SimCheck will be used to accept and analyze the reports. This software compares a report to all the content on the internet and your classmates’ assignments. therefore, be careful to compose your answers using your own words. Copying answers from a source (even if you change a word here and there) or another student is plagiarism (see below) and will be punished with a minimum of a 0 on the assignment.

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Please follow and read all intructions very good and uses example paper how it h

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