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please follow the instructions below


  1. Case Studies: Case studies are listed in the back of each chapter. You have an opportunity to submit a maximum of four (4) case studies during the course. Simply read the case and answers

the questions at the end. Submission opportunities coincide with the exam sections. Submission dates are:

1. Chapters 1 – 4: April 23rd2. Chapters 5 – 8: May 7th
3. Chapters 9 – 12: May 21at 4. Chapters 13 – 16: June 4th

Case study submissions must be APA or MLA and properly formatted, 12 pt. font, one-inch margins with proper sentences and paragraphs. Your answers should be well thought out and complete. Papers not properly formatted or poorly written will be returned for one revision or – if poorly executed – rejected completely and you will receive a ZERO.

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