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Please follow the instructions: If you do notknow anything about the subject,



Please follow the instructions: If you do notknowanything about the subject, please do not takeon the assignment. Please read all instructionscarefully. Pleaserecheck your work before you submit it to theclient. Pleasedo not submit a paper to me that has errors,such asrun-on sentences and grammar errors.Please Notice: I do not need a cover page unlessI ask for one.I only need two sources unless I ask for fourreferences.Topics Direct and Indirect CostsIn 2 full pages discussion of the following:Please answer the following statementIdentify and give examples of your experiencewith direct costs(direct costs are those items of expense to be incurred by ahumanservice agency for the benefit of only 1 program). Examples of directcosts include the following:·Salariesand wages of staff who work for only 1 program.·Materialsand supplies used for the benefit of only 1 program.·Travelcosts associated with only 1 program.·Equipmentused by only 1 program.·Explainwhy it is important to know the total cost (indirect anddirect) of a humanservice program.Must provide substantial information to fully address eachquestion.All information gathered from sources must becited in 7th editionAPA format.Please do not use .com as a resource. The names of journalsin the reference section need to beitalicized.·No Plagiarism, Please·I need a Plagiarism report·Please, Do Not Turn in Your WorkWithout Checking for mistakes

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