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completing the Gibb and Dyches workbook, write a summary of at least 150 words
for each section (for a total of at least 1200 words). Each section must be
addressed thoroughly with a descriptive and detailed entry. Each section
summary must be written in narrative form, and bulleted/listed information must
not be included within your summary. Use the headings below to separate your
sections so there is a clear distinction in your responses to each section. Your
paper must follow current APA format and must include a title page and
reference page. Use the Workbook Summary Grading Rubric to ensure your paper
meets all standards.

the following sections:

  • Introduction: Special Education in the Individualized
    Education Program

  • Section 1: Present Levels of Academic
    Achievement and Functional Performance

  • Section 2: Measurable Annual Goals

  • Section 3: Measure and Report Student

  • Section 4: Services needed to Achieve
    Annual Goals

  • Section 5: Student Participation with

  • Section 6: Accommodations and State and
    Districtwide Assessments

  • Section 7: Transaction Planning

Here is the first written part of the assignment that I had to complete there may be something you may be able to use that reference gibb & Dyches.

Gibb & Dyches January 2007 workbook gave me a better understanding on the
requirements for writing an IEP.  Writing
an IEP allow teachers to have a better understanding on academic and functional
goals for the students.  According to
Gibb & Dyches students between the ages of 3 and 21 years old with a disabilities
as described in IDEA, and who receives special education services are required
to have a current IEP (Gibb & Dyches, 2007).

IEP Development Process

development stage of completing an IEP is critical for all individuals
involved.  The developmental team will
meet to discuss the strengths and weaknesses that a child may be
occurring.  The team will consist of the parent of the
child with the disability, a regular teacher, a teacher that specialize in
special education, representative of the local education agency (LEA), and interpreter if English is the child’s
second language, and any other individual who has knowledge or special
expertise regarding the student  (Gibb
& Dyches, 2007). Everyone on the team plays an important role and each
individual brings knowledge to the team that will assist in understanding the
abilities of the students. The team will discuss the services that are provided
in order to assist with establishing the academic goals of the student.

IEP Meeting Process

IEP team meetings are designed to establish the best academic interest of the
child.  The meetings are held in an
office or class room around a table. The meeting is directed by one of the
schools educators.  The school educator will
act as the lead in the meeting and will introduce everyone that is present in
the meeting. The team will assess the student progress and discuss the options
that are suitable for the student. Once the team has evaluate the student the
final step is completing the IEP.  The
team will finalize the services the student will receive, and the length of
time. The team will agree on the best interest of the child and base their
decision accordingly. All members of the team must be in agreement and sign the
IEP document. Once the document have been signed by all members IEP is considered
a legal and binding document.


the requirements and steps for completing an IEP is essential to all involved.
The IEP process is an extremely important tool for both teachers and parents to
assist them in understanding what is best for the student to achieve academic
success. The goals that are established
by the team should be achievable to meet, and provide academic success for the


G., & Dyches, T.T. (2007). Guide to writing quality individualized
education programs (2nd ed.). United States of America, Pearson
education, Inc.

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