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**Please note. Initial discussion post (minimum of 250 words and 2 scholarly ci



**Please note. Initial discussion post (minimum of 250 words and 2scholarly citations) is due by deadline. UPdate:: afterinitial post is received. 2 Peer Replys (150 word minimum each reply and1 reply needs a scholarly resource this part will be due saturdaymorning.***Discussion 6 | Planning and TechnologyREVIEWReview this week’s resources in preparation for the discussion.RESPONDThink about an organization you have worked for or one with which you are familiar and consider how enterprise resource planning (ERP) or manufacturing resource planning (MRP) is utilized to schedule production.Discuss the types or forms of inventory in a process.Explain how the absence of an ERP or MRP within an organization could affect inventory or resource management.DISCUSSRequirementsCollege Level WritingInitial Posts: 250 words 2 scholarly resourcesResponse to Peers: minimum 150 words each peer reply – one reply needs a scholarly resource2 peer replys will be followed up for a responseeach peer reply needs to be a minimum of 150 words. one must have a sholalry resourcePeer replys below will be updated shortly. Post substantive responses to your colleagues. Responses could include suggestions for further resources, questions of clarification, or providing context and insight. Avoid simple posts of agreement; if you agree, explain why, and then thoughtfully further the conversation.

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