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**Please note. Initial discussion post (minimum of 300 words and 2 scholarly cit



**Please note. Initial discussion post (minimum of 300 words and 2 scholarly citations) is due by deadline. UPdate after initial post is received. 2 Peer Replys (200 word minimum each reply and 1 reply needs a scholarly resource this part will be due saturday morning.***Discussion6 | Transforming Business PerformanceREVIEWReview the assigned reading to prepare for this discussion.Competing on Analytics (https://hbr.org/2006/01/competing-on-analytics)How Big Data and the Industrial Internet Can Help Southwest Save $100 Million on Fuel (https://www.ge.com/news/reports/big-data-industrial-internet-can-help-southwest-save-100-million-fuelThe smart use of data and analytics helps to improve business performance, cut costs, and increase efficiency. For example, analytics can help transform supply chains by defining and predicting the potential impact of future designs.RESPONDResearch a publicly traded U.S. retail business. Use a predictive model that you learned about in a previous week or research an alternative model to analyze the organization’s annual report to project future growth if the organization focused on enhancing a product or line of products.Explain why you chose the predictive model.What types of questions would you ask to inform the analysis when focused on enhancing a product or line of products?Summarize the results of the analysis.RequirementsInitial Post: 300 words minimumAPA formattingCitation Requirement: Minimum of two scholarly, peer-reviewed source properly cited and referenced.The textbook can be used as a reference in addition to one scholarly, peer-reviewed article.Online sources (e.g., Wikipedia, Investopedia, blogs, smallbus.chron, online magazines) are not scholarly or authoritative sources.Industry-related, authoritative sources may be acceptablePeer replys below will be updated shortly.Post substantive responses to your colleagues. Responses could include suggestions for further resources, questions of clarification, or providing context and insight. Avoid simple posts of agreement; if you agree, explain why, and then thoughtfully further the conversation.UPDATE WITH PEER RESPONSES SO YOU CAN REPLY TOO EACH RESPONSE NEEDS A MINIMUM OF 200 WORD EACH WITH ONE RESPONSE HAVING ONE SCOLALARLY RESOURCE.DISCUSSRequirementsResponse to Peers: 200 words minimum each. One needs a scholarly resource

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