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Please post 3 reply responses to your classmates or the instructor and include



Please post 3 reply responses to your classmates or the instructor and include one direct questions in each reply.Student 1: Good Morning!I chose the U.S Travel Association. It is a non profit that aims to represent all avenues of the travel industry. I chose an article in their issues section titled “Mobility and Infrastructure”. Their aim with this topic is to make it easier to travel regardless of age or disability. They claim this is also key to making roadways less congested. They have two priorities. The first one is to focus on investments to improve travel mobility. Examples of this include expanding the train system, increasing the availability of electric cars, and improving the airline infrastructure. The second priority is modernizing existing systems. I think this is a really important topic. Mobility is definitely a huge hurdle for a lot of people while traveling. Whether someone is older with limited mobility or has any kind of disability, they should still be able to travel safety and efficiently.Student 2: I have chose CREST which stands for Center for Responsible Travel. I chose this because I agree with their overview of travel, and like their concerns with travel, which I will explain below.CREST is a non-profit organization focused on the environmental impacts that comes along with travel and tourism. They are aimed at reducing the carbon footprint left by travelers, as well as work with business and destinations to come up with eco-friendly solutions. They team up with tourism experts from around the world as well as universities to address these topics. Besides environmental impacts, CREST aims to impact poverty, help communities, and focuses on the indigenous people at those destinations.I think what they are doing is wonderful. I myself love to travel. Just recently I took a trip to Mexico (Cancun), and our resort was somewhat off the beaten path. Surrounding us was local towns, not other resorts. I took the opportunity to do what I love when traveling, and that is experience the local culture by renting a bike, and touring the nearby towns. I ate the best (and spiciest) Mexican food, and was able to pick up some one-of-a-kind souvenirs. That all being said, immersing yourself with the locals gives a whole new appreciation for your destination. the fact that CREST aims for more immersive tourism is so beneficial and I think it allows for everyone (locals, economy, travelers) to have a “win” in this scenario.Student 3: Hello Everyone,This week I chose to discuss the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO).As “an intergovernmental organization, UNWTO has 160 Member States, 6 Associate Members, 2 Observers and over 500 Affiliate Members.” UNWTO’s primary goal is to provide responsible, sustainable, and promotable tourism. Some of their main priorities and initiatives include the following: Improving tourism competitiveness, promoting sustainable tourism development, and building partnerships.Currently, one of the issues that the World Tourism Organization is facing in 2022 is plastic pollution in its oceans. The UNWTO has partnered with the Global Tourism Plastics Initiative and the Glasgow Declaration to help reduce the use of plastics and litter that makes its way into the ocean. The ocean currently has over 9 million tons of plastic and microplastics floating around, creating pollution and negatively contributing to climate change. Not only is this horrible for the environment, it is also a huge deterrence for tourists. Think about going on vacation to the world’s most beautiful beaches; you imagine nice warm sand, tall palm trees and crystal-clear ocean water, but you arrive to find a beach that is completely taken over by plastic litter and piles of garbage. No one wants to swim in an ocean filled with trash, including fish and other sea animals. If the rate at which plastic is currently making its way into the ocean continues, by 2040 it will have tripled. If this does not change soon, it will lead to less and less tourists visiting the area per year and in turn, this will cause businesses and the economy to decline and may even lead to many people losing their jobs.

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