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Please read ALL articles and answer the questions attached to earch atricle. The



Please read ALL articles and answer the questions attached to earch atricle. There are 3 chapters/lessons to go through I will list articles in order from 3.1-5.4The questions you must answer are listed below in order. I will attach article links in order chapter 1.1 starts at the bottom. you can match eachartical attacted with earch quastion. Thank you in advance !!Chapter 3.1:Planning and Executing Change Effectively.pdfActionsAs you read this section, pay very close attention to the material on Kurt Lewin’s three-stage model of planned change. This will be an important base of knowledge for you to have in this unit. After reading this section, critically evaluate the reasons why concepts like “unfreezing” and inclusion can help to bring about change in an organization. Write your response in your journal in the form of an essay of 350–500 words.Boundless Management-Managing Change for Organizations.pdfActionsRead this section. Then, thinking back to what you read about Kurt Lewin in the previous resource, discuss why Lewin’s research on change is applicable today. You should be picking up on a theme in this course about how the ways our concept of leadership has evolved over time and differed among various professional environments, such as national politics, professional athletics, and of course, business.Kentucky State University-Charles R Nichols-The need for communicating change.pdfActionsRead this article. Can you think of a time when you felt left in the dark about a change? How did it make you feel, and how did you react? Respond in your journal, and consider posting your reflection in the discussion forum.Colin Prices-Encouraging Organizations to Change-The Influence Model.pdfActionsRead this article. Colin Price describes a square with four quadrants that represents how management is able to introduce change. Read this information carefully and make a pictoral representation of the model Price describes in your journal.Chapter 3.2:WarResistersInternational-TechniquesforConsensusDecisionMakinginLargeGroups.pdfActionsLarge groups often function differently than smaller, more intimate teams. As a leader, you need to be able to navigate both types of groups. Read the article and discuss how you have seen decision making techniques utilized by a large groups of people – either groups of which you were part or groups you have observed. If you cannot think of a relevant experience, think about how decision making might play out with any large group. Journal about your experience leading or observing the leadership of large groups.Boundless Management-Rational and Nonrational Decision Making-Problems with the Rational Decision-Making Model.pdfActionsCompare and contrast Prospect Theory and Bounded Rationality. In your journal, discuss which theory you believe to be more valid and why. Write at least a paragraph.Boundless Management-Rational and Nonrational Decision Making-Non-Rational Decision Making.pdfActionsRead this article and explain what you think is the role of emotion in decision making. Describe what you feel and why in a detailed essay of 350-500 words.Polly LaBarres-Whats Your Default.pdfActionsExplain whether organizations should depend more on their leader’s strength of conviction or leaders’ overall competency to lead others.Chapter 3.3:The Psychology of Groups By Donelson R Forsyth.pdfActionsReview the article and reflect upon some past situation where you were part of a large group. In an essay of 200–400 words, describe the tactics/strategies your group used to make decisions. Explain whether or not the tactics/strategies were effective or not and use information from the article to support your points.Theories of Knowledge-Selectivity of Perception.pdfActionsRead the article and identify how advertising or marketing utilizes consumer perception to sell its products. Compare and contrast such marketing techniques to how an individual might similarly try to persuade the room of something when making a presentation to a group at work. Jot some notes about your reflection in your journal.Chapter 4.1:Boundless Management-Defining Leadership-Sources of Power.pdfActionsRe-read this short segment on power. This time, read with a focus of being able to discuss which form of power do you believe to be the most effective overall and why.Dan Rockwell-Finding Real Leadership Power.pdfActionsRead the article and reflect on the following questions: When might power not equate to effective leadership? When is it possible to lead without specific power?Chapter 4.1.2:Boundless Management-Defining Leadership-A LeaderSInfluence.pdfActionsBy the end of this reading, you should be able to differentiate between the various methods of influencing others and the role of each of these methods in effective leadership.The Legal and Ethical Environment of Business-Mediation.pdfActionsManagers often times must deal with conflict. One approach to leading a team through conflict is to serve as mediator. In this reading, you will learn what mediation is. Why is mediation an available method of conflict resolution for most managers, where something like arbitration would not be?The London School of Economics-Connson Locks-Actions Speak Louder than Words.pdfActionsClose your eyes and think of a great leader. What does this person look like? What does this person sound like? What is their dress? How do they carry themselves? In spite of what you may have observed from movies, television, and other media, Locke’s research suggests that “there is no one single ‘best’ way to look and act like a leader”. Read on to discover more of Locke’s findings for one’s non-verbal presentation and leadership.Ruth Suehles-Nike Improving the Environment and Communities the Open Source Way.pdfActionsRead the article and explain why or why not organizations have a responsibility to the community in which they operate. Aside from Nike, can you think of other companies that are demonstrating leadership in your community? Look into at least one other company and describe its efforts to make a positive impact in some way other than its primary business venture. Post your findings to the Discussion Forum.Chapter 4.2:Advice from 5 Joomla Project Leaders-Part 1.pdfActionsReview the article and critique the section on giving advice to someone new in a leadership position. Would you support the comments or add additions thoughts. Discuss your response in an essay of 100–200 words.Chapter 4.3:Advice from 5 Joomla Project Leaders-Part 1.pdfActionsReview the article and critique the section on giving advice to someone new in a leadership position. Would you support the comments or add additions thoughts. Discuss your response in an essay of 100–200 words.Chapter 4.4:Brook Manville-Should open source leaders go native.pdfActionsBy the end of this reading, you should be able to explain what is meant by going “native”, and why going “native” may be an effective leadership communication strategy. Can you?Dave Kellys-Aggressive Personality Type.pdfActionsRead this article and reflect on the following question: What is the place of aggressiveness in leadership? Is there any place for aggression? What is the difference? Present your response in the form of an essay. Write about two paragraphs.Project Management from Simple to Complex-Working with Individuals.pdfActionsAs you read, decide for yourself whether or not you think the Myers-Briggs Temperament Sorter should be utilized during initial employee interviews as an “early warning system” for potential personality or emotional problems before hiring an applicant. What would be a better way to determine whether an applicant is a good fit for your team?Chapter 5.1:Managing Demographic and Cultural Diversity.pdfActionsUnlike the business world of previous generations, a diverse workplace is now the norm, not the exception. What benefits does diversity offer the workplace? Think of these benefits of being both personal and professional. How proactively should managers pursue the goal of creating diverse teams?Boundless Management-Current Challenges in Management-The Challenge of Diversity.pdfActionsRead this article, which discusses how globalization and diversity cause managers to focus on balancing a range of cultural norms and expectations.Kentucky State University-Charles R Nichols Diversity.pdfActionsRead the article and respond to the following in detail. When coming to a new country, it is necessary for the employee/individual to submerge themselves in the host country’s culture and ways as quickly as possible and abandon their traditional ways? respond to the following in an essay of 200–350 words.

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