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please reply to the discussion below why you agree or disagree Developing Lesson



please reply to the discussion below why you agree or disagreeDeveloping Lesson Plans and ObjectivesCreating a lesson plan with strong, clear objectives is an apparent talent that all educators must posses regardless of course or content. In order to obtain these goals, there are certain guidelines that are imperative to enhancing learning, such as the ability to teach in a manner that is understandable and engaging to learners and ensuring that new knowledge is built upon and solidified from present knowledge as students broaden the level of understanding (Saunders & Wong, 2020). For the purpose of this post, I will be discussing the creation of lessons plans based on the three domains of learning and the distinction between goals and objectives.According to Bastable (2014), the three domains of learning include the cognitive, affective, and psychomotor domains. The cognitive domain is known as the “thinking” domain in which students learn and process basic knowledge which enables them to develop critical thinking skills (Bastable, 2014). The affective domain is also known as the “feeling” domain in which students enhance learning through emotions, interest, beliefs, and values during encounters and experiences (Bastable, 2014). The psychomotor domain, known as the “skills” domain involves learning through physical movement such as how students learn how to master clinical nursing skills (Bastable, 2014). When first creating a lesson plan on this subject, I must first understand the level of knowledge my students currently posses (Saunders & Wong, 2020). For example, if they are novice nursing students, the goal and objective would be more focused on their cognitive learning skills where students in which a lecture that provides basic information may be more appropriate to maintain knowledge. Students that are more advanced from basic knowledge of the subject might require more complex tactics such as a case study or simulation that allows for application of theory from the classroom to clinical practice. Regardless, the objective of my lesson plan for this topic would be to understand the differences, similarities, and collaboration between the different domains of learning. The goal would include students being able to distinguish each domain and address how they may enhance their own learning abilities by understanding how these domains affect them which in turn teaches them how they can best educate their patients based on the content and learning abilities of their audience. This can be done by incorporating concept maps, case studies, group discussions, and venn diagrams. Additionally, students may also better understand this content by applying it to their clinicals and engaging in exercises such as reflective journaling.Establishing goals and objectives is part of having a well-balanced, thorough lesson plan that meets the needs of the learner. According to Bastable (2014), goals include the final outcome or achievement from the learning process, while an objective is a single behavior that one may achieve. Most lessons only have one goal where there can be multiple objectives to obtain the goal (Bastable, 2014). However, they are used together to provide direction on how to achieve a specific outcome such as how a nursing student would depict specific steps in a care plan for the overall goal of improving patient care (Bastable, 2014). Again, as with any lesson plan, the instructor should first understand what the learner knows as well as what they want to achieve at the end of the process. A lesson plan involving this topic may include learning objectives that identify differences and coordination between goals and objectives, where as the goal would be for nursing students to apply this knowledge to their practice when creating their own lessons such as a care plan, presentation, or lecture. Students may benefit from again using concept maps or compare-and-contrast tools to promote basic knowledge of this idea as well as role playing tactics when creating their own presentation and presenting it to the class.According to Saunders and Wong (2020), the use of various strategies when teaching allows for enhanced learning due to the many learning styles of students and provides them with more activities that are interesting and engaging, such as hands-on practice. However, it is also imperative that instructors use strategies that are best aligned with their content such as using appropriate pictures in a presentation that match the subject at hand (Saunders & Wong, 2020). Lectures are often the most used method of teaching, thought they are traditionally teacher-centered and involve the use of passive learning, meaning the student does not directly learn through their own practice or effort (Saunders & Wong, 2020). This is typically ideal when appealing to cognitive knowledge, but it does not challenge affective or psychomotor skills (Saunders & Wong, 2020). Demonstrations and problem-based learning exercises may allow students to display physical skills they have learned with the correlation of cognitive knowledge provided in the classroom, and it may also provide students the ability to depict certain emotions or beliefs they may develop for future, similar experiences (Saunders & Wong, 2020). Discussions and group projects can provide the same benefits as students become engaged in conversations, demonstrate their knowledge based on the subject or question presented, and establish collaboration skills (Saunders & Wong, 2020).ReferencesBastable, S. (2014). Nurse as Educator: Principles of Teaching and Learning for Nursing Practice. (4th ed.). Jones & Bartlett.Saunders, L. & Wong, M. (2020). Instruction in Libraries and Information Centers: An Introduction. Windsor & Downs Press. https://doi.org/10.21900/wd.12

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