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Please respond to my classmate. I will need a passage of scripture in the post a



Please respond to my classmate. I will need a passage of scripture in the post as well. Please the response should make sense.Sharing Experiences from BMAL 700As I complete the first course of my journey as a doctoral student, I’m amazed at how fast these eight weeks expired. It’s an important milestone that provides an opportunity to reflect before proceeding to the next course. My experience in this course offered new perspective, a few surprises, and some important learned lessons. I will expand upon each of these areas throughout this reflection.I feel as though my perspective on this program has changed. Initially, there was some level of uncertainty as to which doctorate program I wanted to pursue. The clarity offered in BMAL 700 has confirmed I have made the best choice for my future. In terms of difficulty, the class wasn’t any easier than I expected. However, I now feel more confident in being able to complete this degree after successfully completing this course. I am more capable than I originally thought, which is a great perspective to have as I advance to the next course.There were a few things I was surprised to learn in this course. First, I never realized the full nuances of APA formatting. I had written in APA formatting in previous academic work years ago, but it never occurred to me that new versions could evolve. Furthermore, I didn’t realize there were differences between undergraduate and graduate writing guidelines. In terms of course content, I was surprised to learn how clearly modern leadership principles can be extrapolated from both books of Kings. I have certainly studied the kings of the old testament before, but I had never studied it with that level of detail or looked at it from the context of leadership. Merida (2015) said, “In Kings, as in other Old Testament books, we find instruction, encouragement, and hope. We need these blessings in order to endure faithfully” (p. 3).I have taken away several important things from this course. However, there are three things in particular that I learned will help me be successful in the DSL program. The first was how to write scholarly work in APA format, while avoiding plagiarism. This knowledge will be critical to meeting course requirements and becoming an ethical scholar. The second important lesson learned was the Bible is the supreme guide to effective leadership. Proverbs 16:9 says, “A man’s heart deviseth his way: but the Lord directeth his steps” (King James Bible, 1769/2022). Lastly, I learned that I am better off if I do a little bit of coursework every day. I noticed that this helps keep large assignments manageable and less intimidating. Not to mention, it helps manage the stress of workloads.There was definitely some trial and error as I was navigating the early stages of becoming a successful doctoral student. One tactic that really helped me be successful on my writing assignments was utilizing outlines. Outlines allow students to better organize their papers and more effectively articulate material (Muirhead, 2006). I also learned (the hard way) that I am not as efficient or effective with procrastination. Studies have shown that procrastination is detrimental to academic outcomes (Kim & Seo, 2015). Although I ended up doing fine on those few occasions, I was significantly less confident and more stressed.In conclusion, my experience in BMAL 700 offered me great perspective as I launch my journey as a doctoral student. To sum up the many things I have learned or taken away from this course, I am a more confident in my abilities as a doctoral student, which includes APA formatting. It helped me realize the power of the Bible and how it will guide my DSL studies as it does every other aspect of my life. I understand the power of outlines and planning to relieve stress and optimize efficiency. Lastly, this course helped me confirm that the DSL program is the right fit for me and my future.ReferencesKim, K. R., & Seo, E. H. (2015). The relationship between procrastination and academic performance: A meta-analysis. Personality and Individual Differences, 82, 26-33. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.paid.2015.02.038King James Bible (2022). King James Bible Online. https://www.kingjamesbibleonline.org/ (Original work published 1769)Merida, T. (2015). Exalting Jesus in 1 & 2 kings. B&H Publishing Group.Muirhead, B. (2006). Using outlines to improve student writing skills. Journal on School Educational Technology, 1(3), 17-23. https://doi.org/10.26634/jsch.1.3.916

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