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Please write the paper responding to the questions below.



NINR Strategic Plan

The topic i wrote about on the website was WELLNESS. Based on the wellness topic from the website please answer the following question. Please reach out if you have any questions before beginning.I will forward the chapters to you.

Instructions: The goal of this discussion is to help you understand the steps of the research process. For this activity, you will attempt to answer the following question using the Research Interest topic that you mentioned during the week 4 discussion. You will then be required to make a reply post to one of your peers.

Part 1-Initial Post

  1. State the research interest topic that you communicated in discussion activity 1.
  2. Explain the importance of studying this problem area (significance) in five to six sentences. Cite references.
  3. Review the literature to highlight the problem. Provide a brief summary of the literature review from three articles. Use Loyola’s library resources to retrieve the articles. Include three references in APA style.
  4. Refine your research focus from a broader perspective to a specific re-searchable problem. Write the “problem statement.”
  5. Develop “purpose statement(s). (Note: I am looking for a purpose statement based on a quantitative study here).
  6. Write “research question” from the purpose statement. Write one research question.
  7. What research approach/design and sampling method would you choose to answer the research question?
  8. What will be your data collection method? What level of measurement (nominal? ordinal? interval? ratio?) your data collection tool/instrument will elicit?
  9. What descriptive and inferential statistical methods would you potentially choose in analyzing the data for the research question, approach/design chosen? Why have you chosen this analysis strategy?
  10. Based on your responses in questions 1-9, do you think the research question; research design, sampling measurement, and data analysis method(s) are logically connected? Explain.
  11. Now pose a question to your group on the area(s) (question 1-9) where you need clarifications.

(Note: To answer questions 4-9, review the assigned chapter readings from your textbook and apply the reading knowledge in your answers. You may not be 100% accurate in answering the questions. However, your level of understanding about the research steps must be reflected in the answers)

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