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Portfolio Analysis Excel and Word


My stocks that I have chosen is the Hyatt, and the two comparison stocks are Wyndham and the Hilton. Each member of the group must choose a stock to track this quarter. The stock’s ticker symbol must begin with the first letter of the student’s first name or last name. Each group member must have a unique stock.You have $10,000 to spend on your portfolio. Assume you purchase the portfolio on November 1st, 2017. You can determine how to allocate that money between the assets in the portfolio. You must track monthly performance for three years following your purchase. (November 1, 2017-November 1, 2020).You will turn in one report (Word document) and one supporting Excel document for the entire group. Your Word document is a professional report walking your manager through your analysis. Points will be awarded for clear presentation and discussion. All tables should have clear titles. You will be graded based on how well you can present research and justify your analysis, NOT your investment performance.What’s Included with the Excel File: Please turn in ONE Excel file that has an individual tab for each individual stock and a tab for the portfolio. In each Excel tab, show the historical returns and include your calculations and SCL charts. The Excel file is meant as a supporting tool but all charts and metrics should also be included in the Word document as appropriate. You do not need to include individual monthly historical prices or returns in the Word document, I will reference the Excel document for this. Assume I only read the Word document, so any necessary information and tables must be included there. The Excel is simply provided for me to follow-up if I have questions on how something was calculated.

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